Deck Discussion: Dogs/Toads/True Allies

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Deck Discussion: Dogs/Toads/True Allies

Post  visserac88 on Mon Sep 20, 2010 10:39 pm

We have a deck Garage Smile

Recollection sucks v.v you don't have a 1 drop so you need to use recollection, good bye Sakura TA. Or at least it's a minus 1 and if you're maining comp strength it's minus 1 all around. Fun Timez. Joe colon has been beating me about playing bonds of friendship, but you really can't if you don’t own any, and Bonds is still a minus 1. I have a problem with every current mission we can use... hopefully the next sets can shine some light on my dilemma.

Drift is busted…….

This needs more work but I'll get it...

Knights of the Round:

X3 Guruko
X3 urushi
X3 Giant tiger
X1 Gama

X2 haimaru brothers
x1 Bull
X1 shion

X3 sakura
X3 biscuit
X3 kiba

X2 naruto

X1 baki
X1 4th

X1 Kakashi

X1 giant toad
X1 big j

X1 bunta

X3 tobi

X1 fbg
X3 summoning jutsu
X2 rasengan

X2 clouds
X3 group lesson
X3 bonds
X1 scouting party
X1 comp strengths
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Re: Deck Discussion: Dogs/Toads/True Allies

Post  owwruiphantom on Mon Sep 20, 2010 11:09 pm

Hows did having only 1 Gaint ninja toad play out? Like how often did you hit it?

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