You don't know me...or do you.

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You don't know me...or do you. Empty You don't know me...or do you.

Post  Jin on Thu Sep 23, 2010 8:46 pm

I'm one of the Georgia guys who rolls with Josh Prince and Tom Terry. ironically living down the street from Josh Prince and Tom lives in my house... so anywho who i know is out of the way.
I've played tons and tons of card games over the years, ranging from Yu-gi-oh, dbz 1, dbz 2, ani-mayhem, warlord, initial D, inuyasha, lots of UFS, magic, pokemon, naruto since it's cultivation, and lots of poker.

Recently i've attended SJC GA and SJC FLA, did horribad in GA although my first round was my favorite facing another puppet fan, even though i was playing a pile of taijitsu crap.
In Fla i did a bit better, facing the puppet fan again on my cusp of breaking top cut, only to be defeated by him again Smile the next day i was forced to a draw by a scrub who forgot i had baki in my hand when i searched for him. and that ended that weekend bitterly.
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