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Local report

Post  frozendukie on Sun Sep 26, 2010 8:59 pm

So I played at a local end of the month tournament, they are about a third the size of a regionals. I chose to play Machina, which may have been a bad idea since some of my stuff i wasn't able to track down. The list was short a pot of avarice, a machina fortress, three smashing ground, and a fissure. SO i pretty much knew i was fucked but the tournament was free anyway.
round 1: vs. Kim w/machina
Game one she chimera'd my whole field away and won
Game two Solidarity won me the game, gearframe swung through for win
Game three I started two cyber valley. Was able to stall a few turns, and then i lost.
Round two: vs. ?w/flamevell assault overdrive
game one: I started broke. BUT he dark holed and then used monster reborn on my machina fortress, synchro'd a stardust. Next turn he got out red archfiend and won, managing a giant trunade for win
Game two: I started broke and limiter removal'd for T2 win with a gearframe, fortress, and gadget.
Game three: I had 400 lp and he had 1100 lp he rekindled and won
0-2 I suspected stacking since i didn't shuffle but only cut.
Round three: vs. ?w/ritual summoner
Game one: I spaced his facedown cylinder and dark bribed his herald ritual. Proceeded to OTK turn 2
Game two: Started with gearframe into special summoning a fortress and passed. He ritual summoned a relinquished and set two and passed. What a scrub deck. I fissured the relinquished and was able to mst the right back row card lol.
Round four: vs. ?w/gemini
So when we started I got a bit nervous, cuz gemini topped at nats and at our regionals. He opened tune magician I lol'd nuf said.
Okay I scrubbed out and missed top 8. But wtvr I had some chicken and potatoes waiting for me at home Cool
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Re: Local report

Post  Decaf on Tue Sep 28, 2010 8:47 pm

Lol good report bro Rolling Eyes
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