9/25/10 At New Dimension Comics in Butler

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9/25/10 At New Dimension Comics in Butler

Post  Omnilizard on Mon Sep 27, 2010 9:29 am

So I built the Final Countdown deck for my friend and wanted to test it for him, so I entered tournament with it.

Round 1: vs Joe(Blackwings)
Game 1: I start with Final Countdown and keep drawing into Tevas, Battlefaders, and wab/roars FTW.
Game 2: I open Final Countdown, Dark Armed Dragon, Monster Reborn, Mystic Tomato, Teva, and Chaos Sorceror. He dies by T13 on countdown.

Round 2: vs Eric Spear(blackwings)
Game1: I open Final Countdown and he misplays around my Gravity Bind, I win at 100 LP.
Game 2: I dont see Final Countdown and go into beatdown mode with Dark Armed Dragon and Chaose Sorceror, but he wins with a Dark Hole and swarm.
Game 3: My deck draws Final Countdown and a bunch of stall cards, but he wins ON turn 20, when I run out of stall.

Round 3: vs Little Billy(Rock Stun)
I'll admit I went into this a little cocky, which is why:
Game 1: He brings out Koaki Meiru Guardian, Neo - Spacian Grand Mole, Sangan and Gaia Plate, and I eventually die via Sangan
Game 2: I open Final Countdown, Dark Armed Dragon and Mystic Tomato, with Gravity Bind again, he opens with Koaki Meiru Guardian, Gaia Plate, and Neo - Spacian Grand Mole again, but he also sets the rest of his hand. I blow up Guardian when I threatening roar so he cant bounce grand mole, then eventually Dark Armed rapes his face.
Game 3: Dark Armed, Chaos Sorceror, Monster Reborn, Mystic Tomato, Winged Kuriboh. I win by my 3rd turn.

We had 3 undefeated records at this point so somebody would be getting bumped up into semi-finals... Woo-Hoo! it was me!

Round 3: vs Mike Bartlam(Blackwings)
Game 1: I start Final Countdown, 2 Wabokus, 2 Threatening Roars, and a Solemn Judgment. He doesn't know how to play against the deck and loses.
Game 2: He swarms me, I go for Dark Armed Dragon that gets Oppressed, and he kills me turn 3.
Game 3: I use Final Countdown and stall with Level Limit and Swords of Revealing Light. He could have won turn 16 by dropping a Kalut, but forgets, I drop Dark Armed to kill all of his monsters, then he mirror forces it. Then it was turn 20.

Round 4: vs Eric Spear(Blackwings)
Game 1: I draw lots of stall with no beatsticks OR Final countdown, I get raped.
Game 2: I side in 2 Karma Cuts and a Mind Crush, he sides 6 cards... Banisher of the radiance? Oh Holy God I die long time!

3-2 taking seond place

Did a heck of a lot better than I thought I would, especially against nothing but Blackwing decks lol.
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