water deck after tales of the gallant sage need help

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water deck after tales of the gallant sage need help

Post  hulkonroids on Tue Feb 01, 2011 6:08 pm

2 anko mitarashi (pupil of orochimaru)
2 kimmimaro childhood (piercing resistanc)
3 tracking ninja
3 giant spider (tales of the gallant sage)

(1) drop
1 kidomaru (cursed web)
2 kidomaru state 1 (tales)
1 karin(tales)

(2) drops
2 tayuya state 1
1 suigetu ((tales)

(3) drops
2 temari gale warning
2 orochimaru childhood

(4) drops
1 kimmimaro state 1 (tales)
1 sasuke severing the bond
2 giant snakes (foretold prophecy)

5 drops
1 sasuke eyes of the serpent
1 sasuke (tales of the gallant sage)
1 orochimaru akatsuki days

6 drops
2 hanzo of the salamander (tales version)

7 drops
2 manda (tales of the gallant sage)

2 the sound ninja five
2 crying in vain
2 orochimarus forbidden jutsu(tales)
2 monster research(tales)
3 vessel for dreams(tales)
2 friendship from sorrow

2 snake sword (tales)
1 multiple striking shadow snakes(fangs of the snake)
1 multiple striking shadow snakes(foretold prophecy)
2 four flames formation
3 assault of the snakes
2 summoning jutsu reanimation(tales)
2 revival of the dead(foretold prophecy)

(tales) stands for tales of the gallant sage the set thats about to come out,

now i think that counts up to 58, i need to drop some ninajs and jutsus, im pretty bored, and was stuck on what to take out, i pretty much would love you guys opinion on this deck i thought of, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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