I need more cowbell

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I need more cowbell

Post  kunoalpha on Sat Apr 02, 2011 1:40 pm


I prefer platinums over regular holos [i'll trade some of my regular holos for platinums if they come platinum aswell.]


1x Konohamaru [ia]
3x Doppleganger [foil]
3x Temari (o drop) [foil]
2x Naruto [true allies] [foil]
2x Sakura [true allies]
1x Kakashi [true allies]
1x Yakumo [from a monster within]
3x Make out tactics
3x ino's tears
2x Ino (turn 1 wind)
1x Sasuke [freezing eyes Eyes Foil]
2x Tem/Gaara
2x Naruto [true allies reinforcement]
2x Sasori [puppet mode] reinforcement
2x Chibi Sasori
xX Tp2 boxes/boosters
xX Tales Boxes/boosters
3x Hydro Pump
3x Fear By Genjutsu
1x Wind Scythe Jutsu [bp]
2x Comp Strength
2x change in chakra form [foil]
1x Tsunade [eom] black and gold

1x Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus
3x Crystal Promise
2x Rare Value
1x Kakashi (anbu days) [platinum]

2x Vulpix (platinum [shiny])
2x Ninetails (hg/ss)
2x Charizard (arceus set)
1x Uxie Lv. X
3x Yanma [set with yanmega prime]
3x Yanmega Prime
3x Copycat
4x Judge
3x Giratina [let loose]
4x unown r
1x unown q
3x Pokedex Handy910's
xX Sage's Training
xX Holo Energies
xX Uxie [set up]
xX Pokemon collector
xX Rare Candy
xX Broken Time Space





(I have to sort through my haves so I will check on that soon)
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Re: I need more cowbell

Post  Decaf on Wed Apr 06, 2011 3:28 pm

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