New to Naruto TCG and know pretty much nothing! :)

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New to Naruto TCG and know pretty much nothing! :)

Post  RamenNTofu on Wed May 25, 2011 1:47 pm

Hello everyone. I am RamenNTofu and am new to this forum and the Naruto TCG. I've been watching Naruto ever since it first hit America but have never picked up the card game and given it a go, meanwhile I played competitive Pokemon TCG. So, since I love Naruto more than Pokemon or any other anime, I decided it was time I played competitive Naruto TCG. The only things I know about it are the basics on how to play the game and how to determine how rare a card is. Sad I don't know what the format is, what the meta is like, whats good and whats not, heck I don't even know the Naruto TCG tournament structure! Sad So I know it's alot of stuff but if any of you guys could fill me in that would be great! The only sets that I have cards from are tails of the gallant sage and path of pain. I only have a miniscule collection of a sasori chibi tin and a sasuke chibi tin and 1 tails of the gallent sage and 1 path of pain pack that I've ever opened. However, I have enough money to get 2 booster boxes of any set. I would like to know what boxes I should get that will get me the best cards to start out with.

My deck is really just any card I had thrown into a sleeved assortment of random cards in a deck box , so I won't even bother posting it.

What I would like to know are some of the best decks in the current meta. So anyone got any decklists for me? XD

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Re: New to Naruto TCG and know pretty much nothing! :)

Post  pyrot53 on Wed May 25, 2011 5:15 pm

I got your message but figured Id respond to you on here. You can see my break down of the meta in my opinoin in the other thread I started yesterday. The boxes to buy depends on the deck you want to play.


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