2EZForums Exclusive SUPER RARE Preview for Tournament Pack 3

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2EZForums Exclusive SUPER RARE Preview for Tournament Pack 3

Post  pyrot53 on Sun Jun 05, 2011 9:07 pm

If you havent seen it on my YouTube channel, here it is. I think the card could see some competitive play because lightning is generally the element to get growth coins. It has great synergy with Hinata (Awakened). Other uses where this card is a +1, persay, is when you get a good effect out of the growthing of a ninja such as Konohamaru Ninja Squad or Naruto (Clone). While the Leaf Academy deck is still around, it could see some legitimate play in there, it gives a growth coin, but at the same time can allow you to draw into your important cards such as a copy of Leaf Academy or cards to stop your opponent from killing off your ninjas. With cards like Efficient Training it can allow for mass draws and it can put growth coins on Naruto (Tailed Beast Form) to get some mission phase sniping on. Overall the card has some descent potential but I believe it was a poor timing for the card to come out with most of the Growth coin support leaving with rotation. Perhaps being that we have not seen the rest of the Lightning cards in TA there will be some good support for this card but only time will tell whether this card will see constructed play.


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