Announcements 9/20/10

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Announcements 9/20/10

Post  pyrot53 on Mon Sep 20, 2010 4:19 pm

Naruto & Sasuke squad was given out at this weekends NJ Chunin. Pic is up on The Perfect Curve The Perfect Curve

I have compiled a list of Chunin Results, please contribute results from your chunin if you can. Chunin Results

Be sure to checkout this weeks Naruto Shippuden Live episode with special guest Tylar "Hungry Ninja" Allinder, a Bandai game tester. NSL Episode 28

2EZ Forums is having its first Contest, be sure to check that out if you have not already. Be sure to tell your friends that they can win stuff for FREE!

Amir "Shikamaru_of_Hebi" Abboushi's 21st Birthday is on the 22nd. Be sure to wish him a Happy Birthday!


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